Secrets of Happy Employees


Fast Company recently published an article called “Secrets Of America’s Happiest Companies”.   In the article, it states disengaged workers cost the U.S. economy $350 billion a year in lost productivity. And they show the happiest companies boost morale and the bottom line.  They list 5 Rules of Happy Employees as well and that is our focus for this particular post.   Here they are:

1. Be on the move: Happy employees don’t stay in one role for too long. Movement and the perception of improvement create satisfaction. Status quo, on the other hand, creates burnout.

2. Have meaning: There is a strong correlation between happiness and meaning; having a meaningful impact on the world around you is actually a better predictor of happiness than many other things you think will make you happy.

3. Praise time: A workplace is far likelier to be a happy place when policies are in place to ensure that people regularly get acknowledgement and praise for a job well done.

4. Employees are people too: Recognize that employees are people first, workers second, and create policies that focus on their well-being as individuals.

5. Work and life integrated: Emphasize work/life integration, not necessarily “balance.”

To read the entire Fast Company article, click here.