How to Succeed in a Virtual Interview

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Virtual interviews are becoming a way of life for many companies today.  Even though the concept is relatively simple, things can quickly go awry due to a technical issue, interruptions, or lack of preparedness. Our team has conducted 1000’s of virtual interviews and here is what we recommend for a winning virtual interview.  

  • Prepare – This is your opportunity to make a strong first impression. Make sure you are familiar with your notes, questions, and interviewer as they will see if you are fumbling with papers or notes. Check what will be in the background of your video feed, try to have a simple background free of clutter, pets, or other people.  
  • Practice – Test your technology at least two days before your interview. Install any needed software for your call and practice with a friend. Here’s what we recommend checking each time:  
    • Audio – Make sure that you are in a quiet room. If your audio isn’t clear in your test call use headphones with a built-in microphone. Videomake sure your webcam is at or above your eye level. You do not want to appear to be looking down at the person you’re interviewing with.
    • Familiarity with controls including: muting/unmuting, webcam sharing, joining and leaving a virtual interview. 
    • Eye contact – it can be easy to stare at your face, but you will appear to be looking away. Practice interviewing without looking at yourself.  Remember: the viewer is seeing you from the perspective of your webcam so if possible, move the video feed as close as you can on your screen to the physical location of the web cam on your device.  
  • Present – Treat a video interview just like an in-person interview
    • Communicate with family or roommates that you will be on a video interview and minimize other potential interruptions or noise. 
    • Arrive earlyJust like you would for an in-person interview be at your computer with your talking points, resume, questions, and water 15 minutes early 
    • If you are using Zoom or GoTo Meeting call 5 minutes early as you can join and wait for the presenter to arrive. 
    • If you are calling via Skype or FaceTime call 2 minutes early as the presenter’s device will ring directly and you don’t want to be too early. 

Our team hopes these tips are helpful as you prepare for your next virtual interview. We are standing by and ready to help you find your next job. Reach out today to Browse Our Jobs.  Got other tips for a virtual interview we should add to our list?  Let us know at  We would love to hear from you!