Opening Day Means a New Start … For Your Career

Today was Opening Day for the Texas Rangers.  This is a national holiday for some and a chance to enjoy a day at the ballpark with their dad, a spouse or even the entire family.  Just hope the boss isn’t watching on TV, right? Today is also a reminder of new starts to a new […]

Secrets of Happy Employees

Fast Company recently published an article called “Secrets Of America’s Happiest Companies”.   In the article, it states disengaged workers cost the U.S. economy $350 billion a year in lost productivity. And they show the happiest companies boost morale and the bottom line.  They list 5 Rules of Happy Employees as well and that is our […]

Leadership: Going Good to Great!

Recently came across an article from Peter Economy on titled, “Leadership: How to Get From Good to Great”.  And with the NCAA College Basketball Tournament now in full swing (commonly known to most as “March Madness”), it was only fitting that we look at what it takes to go from Good to Great with […]

BLOG SERIES: What Motivates You? Part 2 of 2

Last week, we started our 2 blog post series titled “What Motivates You?” based on a article by Paul B. Brown.  To read Part 1 of our blog series, click here.  We continue that series today and complete Part 2 with a look at what motivates you as an employee.  Some of our other […]

BLOG SERIES: What Motivates You? Part 1 of 2

In a recent article, Paul B. Brown wrote an article titled “17 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Do Great Things”. We thought we would take some of these and feature them in a 2-part blog series about motivation for today’s employee. Here are some of the first few that we enjoy: * Necessity – […]

Accounting Firms Upbeat on Growth

A report in late February reported encouraging signs for Accounting firms across the United States.  According to, nearly three-quarters of accounting firms say they are thriving or growing. According to the article, “The trend has largely been driven by year-to-year improvement in the health of firms’ consulting practices. Those firms that indicated they are […]

Hiring Mistakes Made By Hiring Managers

Hiring mistakes can be both painful and costly.  Between morale issues within your team, employee relations (HR) issues and the money spent to hire and retrain another person … well, it can be a little overwhelming.  That’s why hiring managers need to take the hiring process seriously and thoroughly invest both the time and resources […]

Introverts can be interesting in the recruiting process

Recently, we came across an article from entitled “Introverts pose a problem for hirers”.  The article focuses on the simple question:  “How can employers persuade introverts to blow their own trumpets about how they prefer not blowing their own trumpets?” One of the great quotes from the article was this.  “Nicola McHale is leadership […]

Boosting Value in The Workplace

An article in Forbes by Rodger Dean Duncan recently caught our attention.  The title was 5 Rules for Boosting Your Value in The Workplace.  Here are some of the highlights we found most interesting: * Resist the urge to be a Smarty Pants – You were no doubt hired because someone thinks you have brains, […]